Julie Lane

Julie  Lane

(314) 983-2199

Marketing Areas:
Ladue, Clayton, Town and Country

Janet McAfee Inc. Office
9889 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63124

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Julie's passion for selling real estate has made her a consistent Top Agent with Janet McAfee Inc. Since joining the firm in the Spring of 2007, her sales have exceeded $58 million despite this challenging marketplace. In 2012, she was named the number one in the company. 

Knowing the local market is paramount to a successful transaction. Julie analyzes local trends and maximizes her marketing and computer savvy to give her clients a competitive edge whether buying or selling. As a listing agent, she takes responsibility to ensure that homes are always ready for that perfect buyer to walk in the door. As a buyer’s agent, she helps her clients make informed decisions at every step of the process from contract through financing, inspections, title insurance and closing. Her expertise now spans single family residential, condominium living, villa and town home living as well. It is her job to make sure the client is knowledgeable about all aspects of the deal-whether it is a buying or selling decision.
Julie firmly believes the client should be happy and feel positive about their housing decisions.    Julie and her husband Rich currently reside in Ladue with their two children. She is active in her community, currently serving as a CSA Committee chair at Conway-Ladue Elementary School, a committee member of the Annual Ladue Dogwood Parade, treasurer of the Wydown Fortnightly charity organization and sits on the Ronald McDonald House Golf Committee.
1 Wood Acre Road, Ladue
26 Roclare Lane, Town & Country
20 Fordyce Lane, Ladue
19 Overbrook Drive, Ladue
13 Upper Ladue, Ladue 9 Upper Ladue, Ladue  
$1,000,000 to $1,999,999
66 Aberdeen Place, Clayton
44 Broadview Drive, Clayton
4 Tall Timbers Drive, Ladue
5 Maryhill Drive, Ladue
12 Cricklewood, Frontenac 37 Washington Terrace, CWE 123 Topton Way, Clayton 6 Arrowhead Estates, Chesterfield
26 Maryhill Drive, Ladue 
30 Dunleith Drive, Ladue
628 High Hampton, Ladue 13303 Manor Hill, Town and Country
$500,000 to $999,999
11 High Acres, Olivette
18506 Wild Horse Creek Road, Chesterfield
9 Warson Terrace, Ladue
325 North Meramec Avenue, Clayton
6375 Waterman Avenue, University City
6 Willow Oak, Glendale (2009) 
6 Willow Oak, Glendale (2010)
8 The Prado, Ladue
12308 Hibler Oaks Drive, Creve Coeur
16229 Wynncrest Ridge Drive, Wildwood
14635 Mallard Lake Drive, Chesterfield
1031 Bristol Manor Drive, Parkway West
845 Coulange, Creve Coeur
19 Ladue Manor, Ladue
14 Lynnbrook, Frontenac
580 Deer Valley, Saint Albans
47 Granada Way, Ladue
1311 Fairways, Creve Coeur
750 Price, Ladue 844 Coulange, Creve Ceour 30 Dunleith, Ladue 19 Lindworth, Ladue 580 Deer Valley, St Albans 12426 Ridgefield, Des Peres 225 N Harrison, Kirkwood
$300,000 to $499,999
459 Bacon Avenue, Webster Groves
7732 Stanford Avenue, University City
1288 Castle Gate Villa, Olivette
916 Morehouse Lane, University City
7432 Gannon Avenue, University City
7433 Gannon Avenue, University City
7241 Princeton Avenue, University City
705 Jamaica Court, Warson Woods
1287 Castle Gate Villa, Olivette 
8231 Balson Avenue, University City
286 Hewlett Court, Creve Coeur
3 Geyer Wood Lane, Frontenac
8 Tealwood, Creve Coeur
901 North Woodlawn, Kirkwood
Up to $299,999
1336 Kensington Way Drive, Ellisville
7148 Pershing Avenue, University City
12 Dandridge Drive, St. Peters 
710 S Hanley Road, Clayton
6 Price Court, Olivette
3850 Hartford Avenue, City of St. Louis
504 Lering Court, Ballwin
4011 Cleveland Avenue, City of St. Louis
7341 Melrose Avenue, University City (2008)
7341 Melrose Avenue, University City (2009)
5640 Rhodes Avenue, City of St. Louis
4011 Cleveland Avenue, City of St. Louis (2012)
7516 Delmar, University City
7404 Carleton, University City