Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
1/3/03Creve Coeur$1,300,000429 Mosley Rd Buyer
1/20/04Creve Coeur$1,250,000429 Mosley Rd Both
7/31/00Town and Country$755,0001819 Mason  Buyer
7/31/03Richmond Heights$740,0001085 MCKNIGHT Rd Seller
10/29/09Ladue$575,0001 Danfield Rd Seller
5/30/02Town and Country$548,00013016 Pingry  Buyer
8/31/06Ballwin$405,000746 Arbor Ridge Ct Buyer
4/30/14Chesterfield$365,000392 Greentrails Dr Buyer
5/31/02University City$350,0007237 Cornell  Buyer
2/8/02Creve Coeur$345,50013117 Bellerive Farm Dr Buyer
7/26/02Des Peres$340,00012416 KIRK  Buyer
7/7/04St Louis$334,000143 Emerald Green Ct Buyer
8/12/04University City$272,0007474 Teasdale Ave Buyer
5/7/04St Louis$265,0005770 Westminster  Buyer
7/9/04St Louis$265,0005768 Westminster  Buyer
7/2/99Chesterfield$245,000161 Brighthurst  Buyer
6/8/00Creve Coeur$241,0006 Quailways  Seller
6/16/99Chesterfield$229,00014417 White Birch Valley  Buyer
5/27/10St Louis$220,0005768 Westminster  Seller
7/14/00Olivette$217,0003 Marbrooke  Seller
12/9/05Ballwin$212,5001510 Morning Sun Dr Buyer
10/28/09Creve Coeur$199,50012373 Merrick Dr Seller
9/25/07St Charles$197,5002723 Sunswept Dr Buyer
3/31/16O Fallon$195,000503 Sapphire Dr Buyer
9/17/09St Louis$190,0001584 Tryon Dr Buyer
6/11/10St Louis$190,0001326 Barkman Dr Seller
10/20/06St Louis$185,00011102 Bonjour Ct Buyer
9/22/00Ellisville$183,000100 Westridge Parc  Buyer
3/23/07Ballwin$183,000219 Oakbriar Farm Dr Buyer
12/12/00Unincorporated$179,50012036 Tangletree  Buyer
8/14/15Unincorporated$175,000171 Forest Brook Lane Seller
2/12/08St Charles$169,9004 Lotus Ct Seller
9/15/98Ballwin$169,000223 MAEVE Ct Buyer
4/26/02St Louis$162,00012524 Merrick Dr Buyer
4/16/09St Peters$162,00045 Marcus Dr Buyer
7/1/99Creve Coeur$160,00012810 Glenbernie  Seller
12/30/99Maryland Heights$157,0002573 Pheasant Run  Buyer
11/30/04St Charles$153,5004 Lotus Ct Buyer
6/16/99St Louis$153,00011144 APACHE  Seller
2/25/00Ballwin$148,500231 JACOB Lane Seller
12/18/98Ballwin$147,900231 JACOB Lane Buyer
9/24/07St Charles$140,0003083 Abbey St Seller
11/15/99University City$137,000853 DUKE Dr Both
2/26/99Maryland Heights$135,0002108 Butterfield  Both
10/13/00Unknown$133,0002802 Rose Acres  Seller
7/9/98St Louis$132,5001544 Rishon Hill  Buyer
5/22/14St Charles$127,5002951 Gran Lin  Seller
4/30/02O Fallon$125,0009 WINDSTONE Ct Seller
4/17/98University City$123,0001083 WILSON Ave Buyer
7/29/03St Charles$120,0002721 Essex St Buyer
4/12/01O Fallon$119,9009 WINDSTONE Ct Buyer
7/30/04St Charles$118,0002951 Gran Lin Dr Buyer
2/26/99Maryland Heights$111,0002559 Westrick  Seller
12/15/11St Charles$108,0002966 Gran Lin Dr Seller
4/30/99Kirkwood$106,000321 George  Buyer
7/20/01St Louis$104,9002005 Arsenal  Buyer
5/5/99Maryland Heights$102,40011844 WEXFORD  Buyer
7/31/98St Peters$102,0001180 Monza  Seller
7/27/01Maryland Heights$98,0002650 Bonniebrook  Seller
10/16/98Florissant$87,9002630 Delaware  Buyer
7/27/99University City$86,5001134 WILSON Ave Seller
8/27/99Maryland Heights$64,900103 Edgeworth  Buyer
1/14/00Overland$48,5009740 Flora  Buyer
Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
11/9/04Clayton$375,0007520 Buckingham  1 EBuyer
1/31/05Creve Coeur$172,5001010 Thoreau Ct 303Seller
8/31/01Chesterfield$163,00016272 LEA OAK Ct Buyer
10/27/00Chesterfield$146,0002161 Bantry  Buyer
5/19/03Ballwin$143,000915 ALPINE RIDGE  Seller
10/24/14O Fallon$139,9001353 New Charter Lane 104Buyer
2/28/14University City$133,000801 Hanley  ASeller
8/23/00Unincorporated$131,00010358 Chimney Rock #31  Buyer
8/12/04St Louis$120,0002568 Grayland Walk  Buyer
7/30/04O Fallon$116,000221 Fawn Meadow Ct Buyer
3/31/06St Charles$105,5001400 Heritage Landing  304Buyer
11/30/05St Louis$98,00011709 Casa Grande Dr FBuyer
8/31/01Maryland Heights$90,00012958 Bryce Canyon  Seller
12/17/12St Louis$84,50010358 Chimney Rock Dr 24Buyer
8/31/01St Louis$83,60012800 Portulaca 'A'  Buyer
4/24/00Creve Coeur$81,55010352 Forest Brook Apt A  Seller
9/26/11St Louis$79,50010358 Chimney Rock Dr 6Buyer
8/27/99Florissant$63,900618 Rosetta  Buyer
8/19/02Creve Coeur$57,500632 COEUR DE ROYALE  BSeller