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Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
7/15/15Ladue$5,000,0009746 Litzsinger Rd Seller
5/28/02Ladue$4,700,0009746 Litzsinger Rd Buyer
3/9/07Huntleigh$3,550,0002701 Lindbergh Blvd Seller
9/5/08Ladue$3,150,000800 Kent Rd Buyer
6/12/07St Louis$2,855,00041 Glen Eagles Dr Buyer
6/30/15Huntleigh$2,450,00018 Huntleigh Manor Lane Buyer
6/4/14Ladue$2,150,00042 Glen Eagles Dr Seller
8/2/10Ladue$2,050,00041 Glen Eagles Dr Seller
11/2/15Ladue$1,825,00063 Trent Dr Seller
11/27/06Ladue$1,685,0002 Sumac Lane Seller
9/23/05Town and Country$1,680,00042 Bopp Lane Buyer
6/11/10Ladue$1,610,00025 Glencairn Lane Buyer
7/17/13Frontenac$1,592,000719 Dominion Dr Buyer
5/10/13Frontenac$1,550,0005 Geyer Wood Lane Buyer
6/29/12Town and Country$1,403,000349 Conway Hill Rd Buyer
4/8/13Ladue$1,360,0003 Picardy  Lane Seller
5/15/09Ladue$1,325,00013 Upper Barnes Rd Buyer
7/10/13Clayton$1,275,0008149 Pershing Ave Seller
7/17/07Ladue$1,245,00040 Briarcliff  Buyer
11/15/06St Louis$1,200,000770 Cella Rd Seller
2/15/13Ladue$1,200,00012 Edgewood Rd Seller
7/26/10Webster Groves$1,162,000541 Sheffield Ave Seller
11/14/12Frontenac$1,150,00010 Geyer Lane Seller
6/29/16Ladue$1,075,00019 Maryhill Dr Buyer
7/26/06Ladue$1,030,00011 Picardy Lane Seller
3/2/15Ladue$1,025,00049 Conway Close  Seller
11/12/13Creve Coeur$1,010,0007 Windrush Creek  Buyer
11/3/06Webster Groves$985,000479 Sherwood Dr Buyer
10/1/01Ladue$975,00049 LOG CABIN Dr Buyer
9/7/10Ladue$972,50049 Conway Close Rd Buyer
11/9/15Olivette$970,000405 Berkley Place Ct Seller
2/27/09Ladue$925,00027 Briarcliff  Seller
3/28/07Town and Country$925,00012808 Brighton Woods Dr Seller
12/30/03Ladue$915,00010 LINDWORTH Lane Seller
12/22/08Ladue$902,50042 Briarcliff  Seller
3/12/03Town and Country$890,00012808 Brighton Woods Dr Buyer
6/30/03Westwood$885,0003 TERRY HILL Lane Seller
8/1/07Ladue$880,00043 Briarcliff Rd Seller
3/16/16Town and Country$875,00013517 Weston Park  Seller
8/5/05Olivette$865,0008 Arbor Rd Seller
7/14/05Ladue$835,00021 LADUE MANOR  Buyer
12/14/11Ladue$829,0003 Woodcliffe Rd Seller
4/4/12Ladue$829,0003 Woodcliffe  Rd Seller
4/14/11Creve Coeur$815,000219 Mosley Rd Buyer
9/9/11Olivette$810,000405 Berkley Place Ct Buyer
11/1/04Ladue$800,00033 Woodcliffe Rd Buyer
9/10/14Ladue$799,00019 Pointer Lane Buyer
8/8/08Ladue$785,00055 Loren Woods  Seller
7/10/12Ladue$785,00058 Briarcliff  Seller
4/5/05St Louis$775,00015 Frontenac Estates Dr Buyer
9/16/04Ladue$770,00013 Kingston Manor Dr Seller
7/14/15Richmond Heights$766,0291178 Hampton Park  Seller
7/29/08Ladue$755,0003 Black Creek Lane Buyer
6/25/04Town and Country$752,50014338 MANDERLEIGH WOODS Dr Both
7/24/04Town and Country$750,00014348 Manderleigh Woods Dr Seller
5/30/07St Louis$740,0007057 Westmoreland Dr Buyer
12/21/07Town and Country$740,00014348 Manderleigh Woods Dr Seller
9/19/11Olivette$735,0009 Upper Price Rd Seller
5/30/07Creve Coeur$725,00012342 Boothbay Ct Seller
6/16/06Ladue$715,00017 Clerbrook Lane Buyer
6/7/16St Louis$699,000110 Jackson Rd Buyer
5/26/15St Louis$690,00043 Rio Vista  Seller
9/30/15Frontenac$687,0008 Cricklewood  Seller
9/30/04St Louis$685,00012324 Borcherding Lane Seller
5/1/07St Louis$675,0009 Kingston Manor Dr Buyer
8/31/12Clayton$675,000712 Central Ave Buyer
7/21/16St Louis$657,00013 Covington Meadow  Seller
6/17/08Creve Coeur$630,00011379 Elzey St Seller
7/25/05Ladue$625,0009242 Clayton Rd Buyer
2/27/04Olivette$612,5007 COVINGTON MEADOW  Seller
5/12/08Olivette$610,0009 Upper Price Rd Buyer
10/8/04Glendale$609,0001025 Essex Ave Buyer
5/8/02St Louis$600,00014 LENOX  Buyer
8/29/07Creve Coeur$600,00023 Spoede Woods  Seller
7/6/04Chesterfield$587,5002146 White Lane Dr Buyer
12/5/00Kirkwood$579,847841 Kirkwood  Buyer
7/31/13Webster Groves$579,000375 Gore Ave Seller
11/21/11University City$577,500541 Warren Ave Seller
8/13/11Wildwood$577,500453 Blackwolf Run Dr Buyer
8/29/07Creve Coeur$576,000103 Camfield Square Dr Buyer
3/1/02Ladue$560,00019 BLACK CREEK  Seller
7/14/11Webster Groves$560,000375 Gore Ave Buyer
3/14/03Ladue$550,0005 WARSON TERRACE  Seller
8/18/15Town and Country$549,00013008 Pembrooke Valley Ct Seller
12/20/10Frontenac$546,50012 Outer Ladue Dr Seller
11/21/11Ladue$545,00049 Picardy Lane Buyer
5/29/12Town and Country$530,000333 Mason  Seller
5/20/04Kirkwood$530,00032 Hill Dr Buyer
5/12/06University City$525,0008020 Teasdale Ave Buyer
6/2/11Town and Country$525,000333 Mason Rd Buyer
2/29/08Ladue$520,0009242 Clayton Rd Seller
6/10/15Olivette$501,00021 Covington Meadow  Both
9/4/03Ladue$500,0008955 LADUE ROAD  Buyer
6/29/07St Louis$499,000521 Point Ave Both
4/21/06Kirkwood$499,000324 Weston Oaks Ct Seller
3/30/05St Louis$499,0009352 Pine Ave Seller
9/1/11University City$495,000520 Purdue Ave Seller
12/4/98Creve Coeur$492,000431 Spoede  Buyer
6/30/03Olivette$490,00050 RYE Lane Seller
6/12/07Olivette$490,0009 Covington Meadow  Seller
12/12/06Olivette$487,00029 Nantucket Lane Seller
10/16/09University City$485,000427 Midvale Ave Buyer
12/30/09Clarkson Valley$482,500142 Chippenham Lane Buyer
5/27/16St Louis$478,0006636 Waterman Ave Seller
1/28/04Olivette$460,25029 Nantucket Lane Buyer
12/12/11Brentwood$460,0009344 Sonora Ave Seller
3/13/09Ladue$450,0008 Black Creek Lane Seller
3/27/02Ballwin$447,000542 CLAYMONT  Buyer
9/28/15Creve Coeur$445,000226 Ladue Oaks Cir Buyer
7/6/05University City$442,0007223 Cambridge Ave Buyer
5/11/15Ladue$425,00034 Magnolia  Buyer
3/10/11Clayton$425,000210 Topton Way Buyer
11/21/12Clarkson Valley$420,000142 Chippenham Lane Seller
8/28/00Des Peres$418,00012465 Balwyck  Buyer
3/7/12Olivette$415,0001 Highgate Rd Buyer
5/2/07Ladue$410,0005 Tamarack Dr Seller
11/12/13St Louis$395,0001228 Simmons Ave Buyer
7/20/05St Louis$393,0009375 Sonora Ave Buyer
7/1/05University City$385,000520 Purdue Ave Buyer
11/30/07University City$380,000519 Warder Ave Seller
6/12/14St Louis$370,00011003 Wellsley Ct Seller
4/22/04Creve Coeur$360,500432 Graeser Rd Buyer
7/23/13St Louis$357,000771 Radcliffe Ave Buyer
7/28/16Chesterfield$356,00014217 Dinsmoor Dr Buyer
12/12/01Webster Groves$350,000712 Newport  Buyer
5/29/15St Louis$335,0007716 Stanford Ave Buyer
7/26/13St Louis$331,0009811 Sundown  Buyer
5/28/04University City$328,000524 Warder  Buyer
6/28/02Des Peres$325,00012101 ST. CLEMENT Lane Buyer
9/4/09Kirkwood$325,0001250 Lockett Lane Buyer
11/5/98Clayton$325,000321 Bemiston  Buyer
1/12/06Brentwood$323,0009013 Moritz Ave Seller
5/10/10Chesterfield$323,0002015 Whitman Ct Buyer
10/22/04St Louis$320,00044 Conway Lane Buyer
2/1/13Ladue$320,000807 Wenneker Dr Seller
10/25/05Kimmswick$320,000350 Montesano Park Dr Buyer
6/25/10Olivette$312,5007 Ladue Hills Dr Seller
5/27/14University City$305,0007117 Cornell Ave Buyer
8/15/12St Louis$300,0009401 Old Bonhomme  Seller
12/11/13St Louis$300,00046 Hanley Downs  Seller
10/4/01Warson Woods$295,0001642 ANDREW Dr Seller
3/27/01University City$290,0008020 Teasdale  Seller
4/29/15Chesterfield$285,2501314 Saltbox Dr Buyer
11/30/05Ladue$282,50024 Waverton Dr Buyer
2/14/03Glendale$280,000257 ELM  Seller
3/15/02Sunset Hills$280,00010847 Woodforest  Buyer
6/27/14University City$272,0008730 Teasdale  Seller
7/26/01Glendale$265,000157 Cornelia  Seller
10/16/00Brentwood$264,5002113 PARKRIDGE Ave Seller
5/31/01Brentwood$258,0002316 St Clair  Seller
1/14/00Olivette$250,0006 Covington Meadow  Seller
6/15/01Olivette$249,90011 Covington Meadow  Seller
7/24/03Creve Coeur$249,00040 MORWOOD  Seller
4/28/10Fenton$241,99914 Elderwood Ct Seller
3/28/03St Louis$238,0001109 OAK KNOLL MANOR Ct Seller
5/7/10Kirkwood$236,0004 Garden Lane Buyer
3/30/01Brentwood$234,0009125 Lawn  Seller
9/12/03Sunset Hills$227,5005 MEPPEN Ct Seller
8/10/12Kirkwood$215,000101 Thorncliff Lane Seller
4/28/06St Louis$206,0006630 Sutherland Ave Buyer
6/29/01University City$205,5007237 Stanford  Seller
12/2/04Crestwood$205,0007921 Captain Conn Dr Seller
12/7/09St Louis$200,0003435 Halliday Ave Buyer
4/23/10Kirkwood$200,000126 Oakside Lane Buyer
5/12/10Richmond Heights$200,0007407 Hoover Ave Seller
10/23/03Kirkwood$187,5008 Silver Lane Buyer
6/6/13St Louis$187,50013 Ridge Line  Buyer
6/28/12Webster Groves$187,000240 Turf Ct Buyer
3/20/14Glendale$182,500828 Lockwood Ave Buyer
12/29/05Brentwood$182,5008918 Madge  Seller
7/22/09Crestwood$180,0007925 Captain Conn  Seller
6/11/02Crestwood$173,0007921 Captain Conn  Buyer
2/26/03Maplewood$168,5007400 GAYOLA  Buyer
9/29/06St Louis$159,0008771 Brentwood  Buyer
5/28/08Brentwood$150,0002645 Cecelia Ave Seller
7/23/09Shrewsbury$146,0007416 Murdoch Ave Seller
10/29/01Kirkwood$140,500589 Southbrook  Seller
8/29/02Rock Hill$135,0001253 Charlane Ct Buyer
12/3/98Creve Coeur$129,000255 Mosley  Seller
8/26/02Maplewood$127,0007624 ALICIA Ave Buyer
10/19/04Richmond Heights$119,9001412 Bredell Ave Seller
6/17/99Kirkwood$110,500403 Peeke  Seller
6/3/99Glendale$107,000925 Glenway  Buyer
12/11/14St Louis$92,0007350 Morganford Rd Seller
11/21/02Overland$75,5001812 O'Connell  Buyer
11/16/10Rock Hill$900525 Cyril Dr Seller
Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
6/8/12Clayton$2,100,000150 Carondelet Plaza  2503Buyer
12/12/13Clayton$1,480,000150 Carondelet Plaza  1803Buyer
7/15/15Richmond Heights$940,0009010 Sedgwick Place  Seller
9/5/08St Louis$847,280232 KINGSHIGHWAY  908Buyer
4/22/16Clayton$651,0007707 Shirley Dr 202Seller
10/29/15Clayton$600,0007707 Shirley Dr 202Buyer
3/3/05University City$583,7247310 Forsyth  201Buyer
6/5/14Creve Coeur$550,000322 Carlyle Lake Dr Seller
8/18/15Town and Country$549,00013008 Pembrooke Valley Ct Seller
8/31/11Clayton$530,000219 Central Ave Buyer
4/24/06St Louis$521,5007320 Forsyth Blvd 203Buyer
12/1/06University City$505,0007320 Forsyth Blvd 204Buyer
11/26/08University City$485,0007320 Forsyth Blvd 204Seller
8/6/09University City$450,0007320 Forsyth Blvd 203Seller
11/13/13Chesterfield$450,00014656 Amberleigh Hill Ct Seller
6/24/16Chesterfield$440,000974 Chesterfield Villas Cir Seller
10/30/15St Louis$340,0004909 Laclede Ave 1602Buyer
7/1/11Clayton$282,170200 Brentwood Blvd 17dSeller
6/26/14Creve Coeur$272,0461151 Mill Crossing Dr 306Buyer
3/28/03University City$265,0007020 AMHERST Ave Seller
3/25/14St Louis$255,0004904 McPherson Ave 1Buyer
7/21/05St Louis$255,000900 Hanley Rd 7EBuyer
7/14/15St Louis$250,0004466 West Pine  21 CBuyer
7/8/09St Louis$235,0004376 Maryland Ave B2Seller
8/2/04St Louis$210,000701 Skinker Blvd 503Buyer
6/16/05Clayton$205,000705 Westwood Dr 1CSeller
8/8/11St Louis$180,000701 Skinker Blvd 503Seller
7/29/16Creve Coeur$175,00010921 Vauxhall Dr Buyer
7/29/09Kirkwood$175,000318 Harrison Ave Buyer
10/24/13Clayton$170,000900 Hanley  7ESeller
9/28/00Chesterfield$168,00014308 Conway Meadows #303  Seller
8/28/08St Louis$163,0006115 Washington Blvd 301Buyer
10/31/06St Louis$162,0005360 Pershing Ave 1aBuyer
7/17/02Brentwood$156,0001603 THRUSH Terr Seller
6/27/08St Louis$150,0005563 Pershing Ave 2ESeller
7/30/10Creve Coeur$146,000901 Maison Ladue Dr Buyer
2/23/00St Louis$145,0004376 Maryland B2  Buyer
7/22/05St Louis$145,0001033 Wilton Royal Dr 107Buyer
4/16/04St Louis$141,0001033 Wilton Royal  206Buyer
1/14/08St Louis$141,0001010 Thoreau Ct 107Buyer
5/3/06St Louis$132,00010358 Chimney Rock Dr 6Buyer
5/12/03St Louis$129,5005563 Pershing Ave 2-EBuyer
6/16/14St Louis$126,5006115 Washington  301Seller
11/2/10Wentzville$115,000225 Homeshire Cir Buyer
9/26/11St Louis$79,50010358 Chimney Rock Dr 6Seller
7/28/00St Louis$55,0004355 MARYLAND Ave Buyer