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Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
4/7/15Ladue$2,200,0002 Ladue Acre  Both
2/27/06Ladue$1,600,00014 Lindworth Dr Seller
3/31/04Ladue$1,523,5875 FORDYCE Lane Seller
9/9/04Clayton$1,450,0006345 Ellenwood Ave Buyer
7/24/15Ladue$1,040,0006 Town and Country Dr Seller
6/17/16Town and Country$1,000,0002256 Ballas Rd Buyer
5/15/14Clayton$990,0008015 Crescent Dr Seller
10/19/00Frontenac$975,00010 COUNTRYSIDE Lane Seller
11/26/03Ladue$835,00026 BLACK CREEK Lane Seller
9/12/06Ladue$777,0009762 Old Warson Rd Seller
5/1/08Ladue$766,0002 Midpark Lane Seller
6/30/08Ladue$765,00042 Magnolia Dr Seller
6/30/16Des Peres$750,0001867 Ironstone Rd Seller
10/18/07St Louis$725,0003 Magnolia Dr Buyer
9/8/04St Louis$706,00036 Flynn Forest Lane Seller
5/22/03Ladue$660,0005 Lindworth Lane Buyer
2/14/13Ladue$650,00010 Daniel Rd Buyer
5/4/04Clayton$635,0008022 Davis Dr Buyer
6/1/04Richmond Heights$630,00012 THORNDELL Dr Seller
9/8/01Ladue$625,0009310 CLAYTON Rd Buyer
10/20/05Ladue$620,00060 Daryl Lane Seller
7/31/14Ladue$609,00045 Clermont Lane Seller
9/11/00Town and Country$577,500907 Arlington Oaks Terr.  Buyer
11/4/98Ladue$575,0004 Brookside  Buyer
8/25/00Ladue$539,0009 LITTLE Lane Buyer
8/8/02Frontenac$534,00010357 LYLEWOOD Dr Seller
12/1/99Town and Country$525,00013303 Cross Land  Buyer
6/2/03Frontenac$522,0001 COACH N FOUR Lane Seller
2/29/08Ladue$520,0009242 Clayton Rd Buyer
4/25/00Ladue$520,00038 DARYL Lane Buyer
7/17/12Frontenac$520,0006 Fox Run Lane Seller
10/1/01Warson Woods$520,0001651 BENNETT Ave Seller
5/19/04Brentwood$492,50020 Southcote Rd Both
9/11/00Brentwood$485,00026 YORKSHIRE Lane Seller
8/29/03Frontenac$481,00041 FRONTENAC ESTATES  Seller
11/1/04St Louis$470,00014 Lindworth Dr Buyer
5/31/07Ladue$429,9009373 Ladue Rd Seller
9/4/98Clayton$405,0008010 Rosiline  Seller
5/16/14Warson Woods$385,0001303 Frontenay Ct Seller
5/25/04Brentwood$375,0009423 Sonora Ave Seller
6/21/00Town and Country$356,0001101 Westmoor  Buyer
9/15/05Ladue$355,000320 Wenneker Dr Buyer
9/27/02Warson Woods$345,0001661 ANDREW Dr Seller
5/27/08Ladue$340,00022 Magnolia Dr Seller
8/2/16University City$337,500531 Mapleview Dr Buyer
4/28/99Creve Coeur$330,00012764 Conway  Buyer
10/1/01Ladue$325,00060 Daryl  Buyer
10/28/98Brentwood$321,0009 York Hills  Seller
2/20/04Frontenac$320,00010403 LYLEWOOD Dr Seller
12/22/98Warson Woods$320,0001651 Bennett  Buyer
12/17/01Ladue$308,00031 Waverton  Seller
3/31/98Ladue$299,00033 Magnolia  Seller
1/24/03Warson Woods$298,000514 Monaco Dr Buyer
4/28/99Glendale$288,000245 Elm  Seller
6/23/16Webster Groves$286,5001103 Selma Ave Seller
6/21/00Ladue$280,00012 Foxboro  Seller
5/20/02Warson Woods$270,000400 MARK Dr Seller
7/30/98Clayton$262,500401 Carswold  Seller
4/12/00Glendale$262,000831 Albert  Buyer
9/28/98Brentwood$260,50099 WHITEHALL Ct Seller
12/21/98Brentwood$242,5009324 Pine  Seller
11/5/99Glendale$238,00026 Nolan  Seller
9/28/98Brentwood$235,0009336 PINE Ave Seller
7/11/11Brentwood$234,5007 Stratford Lane Seller
10/30/06Glendale$218,0004 Hillard Rd Buyer
10/23/07Kirkwood$200,000588 Brookhaven Ct Seller
1/27/03Kirkwood$167,000427 JULIAN  Buyer
12/4/98Brentwood$108,0002820 Lawndell  Seller
Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
12/1/15Clayton$810,00015 Topton Way 2CSeller
12/20/02Clayton$700,000750 Hanley  26Buyer
12/19/03Clayton$629,500750 HANLEY Rd 450Seller
12/28/07Clayton$585,000750 Hanley Rd 30Seller
10/18/13Clayton$500,0008014 Pershing  Ave Seller
5/1/14University City$435,000155 Hanley Rd 202Buyer
2/25/16Clayton$320,000710 Hanley Rd 16DBuyer
6/6/14Clayton$270,000131 Gay Ave Seller
1/15/08Brentwood$160,0001625 Swan Cir Seller
12/11/13Clayton$90,000900 Hanley Rd 8EBoth