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Status DateAddressCitySelling PriceClient
3/3/20168 VougaSt Louis$1,580,000 Buyer
3/5/200716 Huntleigh WoodsHuntleigh$1,495,000 Seller
9/7/20127409 Somerset AvenueClayton$1,300,000 Buyer
8/31/2015935 Tirrill Farms RoadLadue$1,295,000 Seller
3/5/2013709 Middle Polo DriveClayton$1,237,500 Seller
8/1/20121636 Forest AireFrontenac$1,065,000 Buyer
10/31/2012411 Carsonhurst DriveImperial$1,065,000 Seller
9/15/201710183 Winding Ridge RoadLadue$1,000,000 Seller
1/8/200761 Briarcliff StreetLadue$975,000 Buyer
9/4/2008960 Kingscove CourtTown and Country$927,500 Seller
11/19/2009411 CarsonhurstImperial$850,000 Seller
4/7/20158919 Pine Acre RoadLadue$825,000 Seller
11/1/200716 Rio Vista DriveLadue$825,000 Buyer
7/15/201324 Frederick LaneSt Louis$805,000 Buyer
6/28/20187241 Maryland AvenueUniversity City$710,000 Buyer
12/5/201351 BriarcliffLadue$710,000 Seller
12/20/2012434 Carsonhurst DriveImperial$625,000 Seller
5/4/201512934 Topping Estates DriveTown and Country$617,500 Buyer
11/21/201720 Villa Coublay DriveFrontenac$608,000 Seller
6/3/20167910 Teasdale AvenueUniversity City$594,000 Seller
3/14/20164 Foxboro RoadLadue$540,000 Seller
9/30/20114 Ivanhoe Woods CourtKirkwood$498,000 Buyer
8/31/201522 Topping LaneDes Peres$454,000 Seller
8/1/2012615 Oak Valley DriveFrontenac$446,193 Buyer
11/10/20179363 Old Bonhomme RoadSt Louis$424,000 Buyer
10/3/20161615 Holly DriveWebster Groves$415,000 Seller
5/9/200816 Sussex DriveBrentwood$412,500 Seller
7/1/20102540 Remington LaneRock Hill$387,900 Seller
3/1/2010343 East Bodley AvenueKirkwood$377,000 Seller
6/30/20179137 Moritz AvenueBrentwood$372,500 Seller
10/16/2016137 Windy Acres Estates DriveBallwin$369,000 Buyer
9/10/201544 Magnolia DriveLadue$349,000 Seller
8/3/2016645 Bedford Oaks DriveKirkwood$342,000 Seller
6/6/2016724 Greeley AvenueWebster Groves$337,000 Buyer
7/19/2018752 Louwen DriveLadue$315,000 Seller
4/12/20132168 Dartmouth Gate CourtWildwood$313,500 Seller
7/19/2018719 Wenneker DriveLadue$305,000 Seller
7/25/20069062 Monmouth DriveRichmond Heights$300,000 Seller
3/14/2016291 Meramec ValleySt Clair$296,000 Buyer
1/4/20177457 Cornell AvenueUniversity City$295,000 Seller
1/8/201810041 Clayton RoadSt Louis$290,000 Buyer
12/23/20157484 Gannon AvenueUniversity City$283,500 Seller
2/19/201612958 Ambois DriveCreve Coeur$270,000 Seller
6/19/20127484 Gannon AvenueUniversity City$269,000 Seller
8/7/20083264 Saddleridge DriveSt Charles$240,000 Buyer
5/29/20081060 Oakwood Farms LaneBallwin$232,500 Buyer
5/7/2015732 WoodrunBallwin$193,000 Buyer
11/11/20147354 Shaftesbury AvenueSt Louis$189,000 Buyer
6/8/20171103 BlendonSt Louis$185,000 Buyer
7/25/201627 Chestnut Hill LaneSt Louis$185,000 Buyer
4/18/20147733 Weil AvenueShrewsbury$185,000 Seller
6/10/20114245 Humphrey StreetSt Louis$178,000 Buyer
5/23/20162426 Rockford AvenueRock Hill$150,000 Seller
8/1/20147211 Dale AvenueRichmond Heights$117,000 Seller
11/18/2014424 Rose HillKirkwood$100,000 Seller



Status DateAddressCitySelling PriceClient
12/7/2006129 East Clinton Place #3CD Kirkwood$1,162,904 Buyer
5/31/20184540 Lindell Boulevard #503 St Louis$830,000 Seller
12/3/20084540 Lindell Boulevard #503 St Louis$795,000 Buyer
11/18/20138025 Maryland Avenue #8A Clayton$730,000 Seller
6/5/2018710 South Hanley #10A St Louis$478,000 Buyer
3/14/2011816 South Hanley Road #14c Clayton$450,000 Seller
7/10/2018410 North Newstead #6W St Louis$449,000 Buyer
4/14/2011510 Middleton CourtKirkwood$387,000 Seller
5/12/2017710 South Hanley Road #10A Clayton$365,000 Seller
10/12/2006816 South Hanley Road #4C Clayton$279,000 Seller
10/20/2017967 Crick Hollow CourtCreve Coeur$215,000 Seller
6/1/20125244 Waterman Boulevard #E St Louis$205,250 Seller
12/13/20168070 Watkins Drive #2E (C) Clayton$195,000 Seller
7/20/20159011 West Swan CircleBrentwood$187,500 Seller
7/28/20161815 Tawny Ash DriveSt Louis$146,000 Buyer
10/6/201116563 Carriage View CourtWildwood$136,400 Seller
6/2/20154508 McPherson Avenue #1W St Louis$134,700 Seller
8/1/2011970 North Spoede Road #36 Creve Coeur$128,000 Buyer
5/22/20185360 Pershing Avenue #3B St Louis$105,900 Seller
7/2/20185360 Pershing Avenue #4B St Louis$102,000 Buyer
10/30/20145360 Pershing Avenue #3B St Louis$93,000 Buyer
6/5/20141322 Highland Oaks Drive #B Ballwin$90,900 Seller
5/15/20094554 Laclede Avenue #306 St Louis$1,700 Buyer