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Status DateAddressCitySelling PriceClient
5/1/20021132 Highland PointeTown and Country$1,700,000 Buyer
8/15/20053 Lorenzo LaneLadue$1,550,000 Buyer
1/15/20164 Forest RidgeClayton$1,500,000 Seller
8/10/20093 Lorenzo LaneLadue$1,450,000 Seller
2/11/200251 WestmorelandSt Louis$1,375,000 Buyer
6/18/2018121 Lake Forest DriveRichmond Heights$1,160,000 Seller
12/17/20071 Southmoor DriveClayton$1,050,000 Buyer
3/10/20101115 Hampton Park DriveRichmond Heights$985,000 Buyer
8/9/20111 Southmoor DriveClayton$975,000 Seller
7/1/20143 MaryhillLadue$929,000 Seller
8/21/2009844 Coulange CourtCreve Coeur$925,000 Buyer
6/19/200721 Hillvale DriveSt Louis$925,000 Buyer
7/12/200751 Pointer LaneLadue$857,883 Seller
10/22/201213 Rio Vista DriveSt Louis$840,000 Buyer
3/1/201212841 Dubon LaneTown and Country$840,000 Buyer
7/24/20177057 Kingsbury BoulevardUniversity City$835,500 Buyer
7/2/2014432 EdgewoodClayton$825,000 Seller
9/16/201072 Lake Forest DriveRichmond Heights$781,000 Buyer
11/25/20087140 Westmoreland DriveUniversity City$773,000 Buyer
5/7/201834 Willow HillLadue$765,000 Seller
12/14/20057279 Maryland AvenueSt Louis$710,000 Buyer
6/22/2005307 Jefferson RoadWebster Groves$702,500 Buyer
6/17/201624 Ladue ManorSt Louis$700,000 Buyer
4/6/20154417 Westminster PlaceSt Louis$695,000 Buyer
11/7/20117131 Westmoreland DriveUniversity City$695,000 Seller
8/29/20137298 Westmoreland DriveUniversity City$662,600 Seller
1/29/20107033 Westmoreland DriveUniversity City$650,000 Buyer
3/31/20154366 McPhersonSt Louis$619,000 Seller
6/29/20011200 Hampton Park DriveRichmond Heights$605,000 Buyer
9/8/20067040 Kingsbury BoulevardUniversity City$595,000 Buyer
7/15/20107027 Maryland AvenueUniversity City$590,000 Seller
8/7/201343 Kingsbury PlaceSt Louis$584,000 Seller
10/28/201511 Aberdeen PlaceSt Louis$555,000 Buyer
3/31/201644 Ladue Estates DriveSt Louis$555,000 Buyer
5/2/20177018 WestmorelandUniversity City$538,500 Seller
7/11/20177261 Northmoor DriveSt Louis$535,000 Buyer
6/15/20017279 MarylandUniversity City$535,000 Buyer
6/28/20162 Highgate RoadOlivette$535,000 Buyer
5/2/20117040 Kingsbury BoulevardUniversity City$525,000 Seller
1/3/20077228 Westmoreland DriveSt Louis$525,000 Buyer
1/5/20067020 Kingsbury BoulevardSt Louis$520,900 Buyer
7/13/2018359 Country Glen LaneCreve Coeur$518,880 Buyer
8/30/20166 GodwinLadue$500,000 Buyer
12/15/20176202 Westminster PlaceSt Louis$499,000 Seller
6/20/20167249 Northmoor DriveUniversity City$490,000 Buyer
12/29/20097206 Maryland AvenueUniversity City$485,000 Seller
5/26/20179343 Pine AvenueBrentwood$470,500 Buyer
2/17/20117262 Westmoreland AvenueUniversity City$470,000 Seller
3/17/2008573 Oakhaven LaneSt Louis$470,000 Buyer
11/1/20077018 Washington AvenueUniversity City$465,000 Buyer
7/1/20146 West Windrush CreekCreve Coeur$460,000 Buyer
9/1/20166836 Kingsbury BoulevardUniversity City$450,000 Seller
6/15/20077396 Bedford AvenueUniversity City$448,000 Buyer
9/13/20106951 Pershing AvenueUniversity City$447,685 Buyer
1/27/20067298 Westmoreland DriveSt Louis$438,750 Buyer
7/2/20148421 Colonial LaneSt Louis$435,000 Buyer
6/22/20177457 Stanford AvenueSt Louis$432,500 Buyer
11/23/20097247 Princeton AvenueUniversity City$423,000 Seller
9/21/2016543 Warren AvenueUniversity City$422,500 Seller
7/18/20053892 Limerock LaneWildwood$420,000 Buyer
11/18/2010442 West Point CourtUniversity City$419,000 Seller
5/15/20136836 Kingsbury BoulevardSt Louis$405,000 Buyer
8/2/2012535 East DriveUniversity City$400,000 Seller
3/24/20047199 Forsyth BoulevardUniversity City$396,000 Buyer
5/17/20167130 Cornell AvenueUniversity City$395,000 Buyer
8/5/20087118 Pershing AvenueUniversity City$395,000 Buyer
6/8/201612627 Bradford Woods DriveSunset Hills$395,000 Seller
3/14/201149 Whitehall CourtBrentwood$388,153 Seller
6/30/201715 Holly DriveWebster Groves$379,700 Buyer
8/4/2008530 Gray Barn LaneWarson Woods$378,000 Buyer
6/17/20107732 Stanford AvenueUniversity City$375,000 Seller
8/15/20077311 Northmoor DriveUniversity City$372,000 Buyer
12/10/2013519 Donne AvenueUniversity City$365,000 Seller
7/1/20117145 Pershing AvenueUniversity City$362,000 Seller
11/18/20137324 Northmoor DriveUniversity City$352,000 Seller
10/5/20157315 Kingsbury BoulevardSt Louis$350,000 Buyer
11/2/20177310 Northmoor DriveUniversity City$347,000 Seller
7/25/20147624 Stanford AvenueUniversity City$345,000 Buyer
5/10/2010662 Fairview AvenueWebster Groves$342,000 Seller
12/14/20057224 Westmoreland DriveSt Louis$340,000 Buyer
6/18/20147135 Maryland AvenueUniversity City$339,000 Seller
10/2/20177343 Northmoor DriveUniversity City$337,400 Seller
8/2/2012521 Purdue AvenueUniversity City$335,000 Buyer
6/16/20098156 GannonSt Louis$335,000 Seller
6/12/20021352 Rusticview DriveUnincorporated$334,900 Buyer
8/11/20167023 Pershing AvenueUniversity City$330,000 Seller
5/20/20153709 Juniata StreetSt Louis$325,000 Seller
6/7/20027016 WestmorelandUniversity City$325,000 Buyer
8/17/20067012 Tomview CourtOakville$325,000 Buyer
9/13/2017523 East DriveUniversity City$320,000 Seller
12/3/20104177 Botanical AvenueSt Louis$317,000 Buyer
11/5/20127148 Pershing AvenueUniversity City$313,000 Seller
8/7/20097310 Northmoor DriveUniversity City$310,000 Buyer
7/31/20087023 Pershing AvenueUniversity City$310,000 Buyer
10/15/20159533 ParkLadue$310,000 Buyer
5/2/2015702 Radcliffe AvenueUniversity City$305,000 Seller
8/13/20047112 Pershing AvenueSt Louis$305,000 Buyer
2/21/2012770 Radcliffe AvenueUniversity City$301,000 Seller
5/24/20174123 Olive StreetSt Louis$300,500 Buyer
11/19/201044 Whitehall CourtBrentwood$298,000 Seller
9/4/20157745 Delmar BoulevardUniversity City$295,000 Seller
3/21/20186050 Pernod AvenueSt Louis$289,900 Buyer
7/6/20077610 Delmar BoulevardSt Louis$282,000 Buyer
4/29/20137519 Gannon AvenueUniversity City$281,500 Seller
8/10/20017317 CornellUniversity City$280,000 Buyer
3/4/20167527 Teasdale AvenueUniversity City$275,000 Seller
4/27/20097126 Pershing AvenueSt Louis$272,000 Seller
4/19/2002662 FairviewWebster Groves$269,900 Buyer
9/17/2001101 SeabrookChesterfield$263,000 Buyer
4/20/19997317 CornellUniversity City$255,000 Buyer
10/13/2016365 Keystone DriveFenton$255,000 Seller
4/2/20086110 Elizabeth AvenueSt Louis$253,000 Buyer
9/29/20107519 Gannon AvenueUniversity City$250,000 Buyer
8/2/20161592 Greenfield Crossing CourtBallwin$247,500 Seller
10/18/20137837 Cornell AvenueUniversity City$240,000 Seller
2/24/201137 Ridge Point DriveChesterfield$240,000 Buyer
6/15/200044 WhitehallBrentwood$235,000 Seller
4/15/20042231 May Wine LaneO'Fallon$223,000 Buyer
7/12/20187020 LindellUniversity City$218,000 Seller
1/24/20148269 Tulane AvenueUniversity City$205,000 Buyer
12/28/1998323 Cove Landing DriveWildwood$197,000 Buyer
6/20/2000323 Cove Landing DriveWildwood$196,000 Buyer
7/31/20076450 West Park AvenueSt Louis$195,000 Buyer
2/27/200912036 Jacobson CourtBridgeton$192,200 Buyer
7/31/2007669 Brownell AvenueGlendale$191,000 Buyer
2/13/2017122 East Drake AvenueSt Louis$188,500 Buyer
5/23/20175014 Mardel AvenueSt Louis$182,000 Seller
8/27/19997117 NorthmoorUniversity City$181,860 Buyer
3/1/20125786 WestminsterSt Louis$177,000 Seller
8/31/20106308 Mardel AvenueSt Louis$172,500 Seller
6/20/20176300 Ashbury DriveAffton$171,025 Seller
12/31/201553 Chafford WoodsSt Louis$166,750 Buyer
7/22/2004669 Brownell AvenueKirkwood$162,000 Buyer
12/5/201612065 Weshire PlaceMaryland Heights$158,000 Seller
1/15/2004 Loop RoadMarthasville$155,625 Buyer
10/9/20157318 Nottingham AvenueSt Louis$153,500 Buyer
7/30/20082159 Mccausland AvenueSt Louis$151,500 Buyer
11/26/20032159 Mccausland AvenueSt Louis$151,500 Buyer
10/14/201312065 Weshire PlaceMaryland Heights$142,000 Buyer
6/26/20177449 Melrose AvenueUniversity City$141,900 Seller
5/11/20047676 Lindbergh DriveRichmond Heights$139,000 Buyer
6/5/2013813 Aspen Circle DriveWright City$138,000 Seller
5/2/20176304 Wyoming StreetSt Louis$136,000 Buyer
9/26/20142631 Midland Ridge DriveSt Louis$130,000 Buyer
3/20/20156470 ChristySt Louis$112,000 Buyer
9/25/19987451 ElmMaplewood$84,500 Buyer


Status DateAddressCitySelling PriceClient
6/18/20129 Brighton WayClayton$822,000 Buyer
9/17/20107397 Pershing Avenue #B University City$700,000 Seller
8/27/20047757 Kingsbury BoulevardClayton$470,000 Buyer
10/1/2007540 North and South Road #206 University City$452,000 Buyer
11/29/2012148 Kendall Bluff CourtChesterfield$394,000 Seller
8/22/2007434 South Hanley RoadClayton$385,000 Buyer
6/1/201214308 Gatwick CourtChesterfield$377,000 Seller
12/26/20147560 Wydown Boulevard #1C Clayton$343,000 Seller
2/20/2017620 Bluffs View CourtEureka$320,000 Buyer
4/6/2001625 South Skinker, Unit 1002St Louis$310,000 Buyer
1/8/2010155 North Hanley Road #202 University City$275,000 Seller
12/10/20137556 Wydown Boulevard #2W Clayton$250,000 Seller
9/25/20146305 Southwood #2E Clayton$245,000 Buyer
11/1/2001625 South Skinker #103St Louis$243,441 Buyer
10/14/20141525 Walpole DriveChesterfield$240,000 Seller
6/26/20037511 Byron #2W Clayton$227,000 Buyer
11/6/20177515 Buckingham #1S Clayton$210,000 Seller
6/21/20045537 Waterman Boulevard #1E St Louis$195,000 Buyer
12/30/1998900 South HanleyClayton$190,000 Buyer
7/21/20035537 Waterman #1E St Louis$189,000 Buyer
6/4/2007415 Belt Avenue #C St Louis$180,750 Buyer
3/9/20189025 Cardinal TerraceBrentwood$179,000 Seller
8/14/19987511 Byron 2W PlaceClayton$175,000 Buyer
3/6/19985140 Kennerly PlaceSt Louis$148,000 Buyer
6/23/201630 -32 North Boyle AvenueSt Louis$145,000 Seller
4/23/2018921 South Hanley Road #E Clayton$142,000 Seller
6/16/20144386 West Pine #1W St Louis$139,500 Seller
7/16/20081688 East Swan CircleBrentwood$134,000 Buyer
11/24/20139095 West Swan CircleSt Louis$123,000 Buyer
2/24/20167701 Shirley Drive #2E Clayton$93,000 Seller
1/21/2015123 West Woodbine #H Kirkwood$86,000 Seller