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Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
3/30/12Ladue$4,000,00030 Upper Ladue Rd Buyer
11/12/15Ladue$4,000,000760 Kent Road  Seller
7/11/07Ladue$2,425,00026 Upper Ladue Rd Buyer
3/21/07Ladue$2,300,000809 Warson Rd Seller
6/6/08Ladue$2,150,00020 Fordyce Lane Seller
8/6/13Ladue$2,100,00038 Glen Eagles  Dr Seller
3/5/02Ladue$2,043,53039 Briarcliff  Seller
8/11/04Ladue$1,900,00010191 Winding Ridge Rd Seller
2/28/14Clayton$1,900,00038 Brentmoor Park  Seller
7/30/03Town and Country$1,850,0001108 HIGHLAND POINTE Dr Seller
12/5/14Ladue$1,825,00024 Oakleigh Lane Seller
6/6/16Ladue$1,800,00038 Glen Eagles Dr Buyer
6/15/16Ladue$1,712,5002 Glen Creek Lane Seller
9/23/15Clayton$1,685,0008411 Kingsbury Blvd Seller
12/21/05Town and Country$1,675,000349 Conway Hill Rd Seller
1/20/12Ladue$1,650,0004 St Andrews Dr Seller
12/13/06Ladue$1,600,0006 Clermont Lane Seller
2/22/08Ladue$1,585,000958 Tirrill Farms Rd Seller
6/17/16Ladue$1,576,0003 Ladue Lane Seller
9/15/15Ladue$1,549,000921 Cella Rd Buyer
11/14/14Ladue$1,500,000850 Kent Rd Seller
9/29/15Ladue$1,495,0001304 Litzsinger Woods  Seller
11/4/14Huntleigh$1,490,0005 Squires Lane Buyer
1/6/05Ladue$1,410,0002 Upper Dromara Lane Buyer
3/31/15Ladue$1,400,0003 Oakleigh Lane Seller
5/4/04Town and Country$1,395,000349 CONWAY HILL Rd Seller
10/17/14Ladue$1,320,00012 Oakleigh Lane Seller
4/27/16Frontenac$1,320,00010 Countryside Lane Seller
12/28/12Town and Country$1,305,0003 Lochinvar Dr Both
8/5/13Creve Coeur$1,300,000715 Spoede Rd Buyer
7/31/06Ladue$1,250,00063 Fair Oaks Dr Seller
6/12/01Ladue$1,237,50042 CLERMONT Lane Seller
1/9/13Ladue$1,236,25018 Picardy  Lane Seller
11/2/07St Louis$1,225,00025 Kingsbury  Buyer
6/27/03Creve Coeur$1,225,000421 SHEFFIELD ESTATES Dr Seller
2/14/08Ladue$1,175,00076 Fair Oaks Dr Seller
5/9/14Ladue$1,160,00014 Greenbriar Dr Seller
6/8/02Ladue$1,150,0009265 CLAYTON Rd Seller
6/30/16Ladue$1,135,00021 Maryhill Dr Buyer
2/17/09Clayton$1,125,0006420 Ellenwood Ave Seller
5/6/16Creve Coeur$1,112,5005 Faron Hill Rd Seller
5/6/10St Louis$1,100,00025 Kingsbury  Seller
8/16/05Ladue$1,100,00057 Fair Oaks Dr Seller
6/30/08Ladue$1,100,00015 Fielding Rd Seller
4/25/11Ladue$1,080,00044 Woodcliffe Rd Seller
6/15/12St Louis$1,050,0003 Ladue Lane Buyer
11/6/14Ladue$1,050,0009821 Log Cabin Ct Seller
12/21/15Ladue$1,050,00017 Picardy Lane Seller
3/28/16Ladue$1,030,000750 Price Rd Seller
9/22/10Ladue$1,010,0009846 Old Warson Rd Seller
7/12/06Ladue$995,00033 Fair Oaks Dr Seller
7/13/09Huntleigh$980,0001620 Geyer Rd Both
3/14/07Ladue$950,0009821 Log Cabin Ct Seller
12/11/15Frontenac$950,0002437 Hermitage Hill Lane Seller
10/13/04Ladue$940,0007 Lindworth Dr Both
6/28/12Frontenac$937,50011208 Hermitage Hill Place Seller
7/31/13Ladue$925,0001304 Litzsinger Woods Lane Buyer
7/14/06Chesterfield$925,00018606 Charlevoix Lane Buyer
5/14/09Creve Coeur$920,0005 Faron Hill Rd Buyer
10/21/03Ladue$900,0001 ELLSWORTH Lane Seller
4/27/16Ladue$899,000831 Cella Rd Seller
4/15/08Wildwood$895,0002766 Wynncrest Manor Dr Buyer
8/20/09St Albans$888,000258 St Georges Dr Seller
5/28/04Ladue$875,0009838 WATERBURY Dr Seller
7/12/13Creve Coeur$875,000844 Coulange Ct Buyer
3/18/13Town and Country$873,0001101 Templeton Place Seller
8/24/15Ladue$864,00023 Conway Lane Both
5/31/06Ladue$849,00015 Cedar Crest  Seller
10/2/08St Albans$835,000227 Oak Hollow Lane Buyer
7/20/16Ladue$815,0008 Rio Vista  Seller
2/2/09University City$810,0007831 Lafon  Buyer
8/26/04Ladue$810,00018 Blaytonn Lane Seller
5/17/10Frontenac$799,99911208 Hermitage Hill  Both
3/1/05Ladue$795,00011 Clermont Lane Seller
7/7/14Ladue$789,0004 Maryview Lane Seller
8/1/03Frontenac$788,500525 FOX RIDGE Rd Seller
9/8/00Ladue$770,0004 Maryview  Seller
6/22/09Ladue$767,0002 Glenview Rd Both
10/31/01Frontenac$758,000862 Bluespring  Buyer
11/7/11Ladue$755,00010114 Ingleside Dr Seller
3/2/06St Louis$750,0009 Stoney Brook Lane Seller
2/20/04Town and Country$750,000806 GREENWICH GREEN Lane Seller
9/29/11Ladue$749,5009818 Conway Rd Seller
5/7/13Town and Country$745,00013318 Wood Stone Ct Seller
7/13/99Creve Coeur$739,90025 SPOEDE Lane Seller
6/15/05Ladue$735,000809 Warson Rd Buyer
8/10/05Creve Coeur$726,50012 Winfield Pointe Lane Seller
10/25/07Ladue$725,0001 Brookside Lane Buyer
7/8/11Olivette$720,0003 Sleepy Hollow Lane Buyer
4/8/03Creve Coeur$715,00015 SPOEDE Lane Seller
6/16/06Ladue$715,00017 Clerbrook Lane Seller
5/16/02Clayton$695,0006 WYDOWN TERRACE  Seller
7/6/99Ladue$694,00051 POINTER Lane Seller
5/28/13Town and Country$675,0001136 Chatsworth Place Dr Seller
10/24/14Ladue$664,00059 Pointer Lane Buyer
10/23/15Chesterfield$660,00017996 Greycliff Dr Buyer
1/4/06Ladue$659,00056 Willow Hill Rd Seller
8/29/03Ladue$655,00038 GODWIN Lane Seller
2/24/09Ladue$655,0002 Deerfield Rd Seller
10/9/13Town and Country$641,00013309 Kings Glen Dr Seller
8/24/12Ladue$640,0009871 Northbridge Rd Buyer
9/3/14Creve Coeur$640,000316 Cabin Grove Lane Seller
6/14/12Frontenac$639,50035 Lynnbrook Rd Seller
8/30/11Ladue$635,0009 Edgewood Rd Seller
8/14/14Kirkwood$630,000341 Leffingwell Ave Seller
9/12/08Ladue$619,500515 Warson Rd Seller
2/28/14Ladue$617,00011 Pebble Creek Rd Buyer
10/4/02Ladue$615,000410 MCKNIGHT Rd Seller
8/12/13Ladue$615,0003 Maryview Lane Seller
6/19/14Creve Coeur$614,500301 Chasselle Ave Seller
5/30/02Ladue$605,0009875 NORTHBRIDGE Rd Buyer
12/4/08Ladue$605,00012 Black Creek Lane Seller
9/1/99Ladue$598,0003 Watch Hill  Buyer
10/13/10Ladue$598,00020 Ladue Ridge  Seller
1/15/03Ladue$595,00010138 INGLESIDE Dr Seller
6/5/07Ladue$594,50010138 Ingleside Dr Seller
6/27/02St Louis$590,0004628 PERSHING  Buyer
10/17/08Ladue$585,0009866 Wild Deer Rd Buyer
7/29/04Ladue$580,00023 Salem Estates Dr Seller
4/29/09Chesterfield$576,32616326 Baxter Rd Buyer
3/20/03Ladue$575,00047 GODWIN Lane Seller
11/27/07Ladue$575,00016 Willow Hill Rd Seller
9/27/02Ladue$572,5009889 COPPER HILL Rd Seller
12/30/03Ladue$570,00010 DANIEL Rd Buyer
12/14/05Clayton$570,0007450 Buckingham Dr Seller
9/20/05Creve Coeur$560,000108 Runnymede Dr Seller
6/12/00Ladue$557,5004 Cedar Crest  Seller
7/2/14Des Peres$557,5002020 Oak Dr Buyer
1/25/06Ladue$550,00055 Willow Hill Rd Seller
6/30/99Ladue$550,0009239 LADUE Rd Buyer
1/8/09Town and Country$541,500136 Wyckcliffe  Buyer
2/1/02Ladue$535,00010137 INGLESIDE Dr Seller
12/3/12St Albans$535,000590 Moor Way Seller
9/28/02Ladue$530,00010111 INGLESIDE Dr Seller
10/24/06Ladue$530,00011 Clerbrook Lane Seller
9/10/03Ladue$527,0006 CLERBROOK Lane Buyer
5/18/01Ladue$525,000200 DIELMAN Rd Seller
9/20/07Ladue$515,00010111 Ingleside Dr Seller
12/16/05Ladue$512,9001311 Brynnwood Dr Seller
7/27/04Ladue$512,00058 Roan Lane Seller
7/26/13Creve Coeur$505,000438 Ridgecorde Place Seller
7/15/10Ladue$503,00010 Clerbrook Lane Seller
6/29/06Richmond Heights$500,0001141 Mcknight Rd Buyer
1/18/02Webster Groves$500,000703 SHERWOOD  Seller
8/9/04Clayton$499,0008133 Westmoreland Ave Seller
6/24/10Ladue$495,00015 Conway Lane Seller
6/12/07Olivette$490,0009 Covington Meadow  Buyer
4/23/10Ladue$490,0005 Clerbrook Lane Seller
1/2/08Ladue$485,0007 Midpark Lane Buyer
9/28/12Ladue$485,0008 Forcee Lane Seller
2/16/05St Louis$480,000438 Longview Blvd Buyer
6/7/05Warson Woods$475,0001417 Reauville Dr Seller
7/20/05Warson Woods$468,5008 Ridge Line Dr Buyer
3/17/06Olivette$468,0007 St.  Alfred Rd Seller
2/20/15Frontenac$466,40030 Vouga Lane Seller
4/2/12St Louis$465,0006214 Washington Ave Seller
11/22/13Ladue$462,0007 Conway Lane Buyer
7/7/08Ladue$453,75010030 Conway Rd Seller
10/24/05University City$450,000236 Linden Ave Buyer
2/1/16Ladue$450,00010128 Ingleside Dr Seller
8/26/08University City$439,0007474 University Dr Seller
4/6/06Ladue$432,50011 Cedar Crest  Seller
6/22/99Clayton$432,0008140 KINGSBURY Blvd Buyer
9/24/10Ladue$425,00011 Fleetwood Dr Seller
9/23/11Ladue$425,00010210 Winwood Dr Seller
12/11/13Ladue$425,00016 South Tealbrook Dr Seller
1/23/13Wildwood$414,75016854 Westglen Farms Dr Seller
8/7/13Ballwin$413,0008 Remington Way Ct Seller
9/17/12Ladue$410,00016 Cedar Crest  Seller
9/30/09Frontenac$409,4502026 Geyer Rd Seller
11/22/13Kirkwood$395,000423 Fairwood  Buyer
12/30/03Webster Groves$392,5009350 BIG BEND  Buyer
1/9/08University City$387,5007474 University Dr Buyer
5/26/05Brentwood$385,0009376 Pine Ave Seller
10/16/09Olivette$382,50039 Kentom Dr Seller
10/25/13Ladue$375,00033 Magnolia Dr Buyer
8/30/05Frontenac$370,00018 Clayton Downs Lane Seller
1/15/04Town and Country$365,0001567 MASON VALLEY Rd Seller
8/5/11Ballwin$362,000957 Kiefer Trails Dr Seller
8/12/05St Louis$360,0001077 Berry Rd Buyer
12/1/05Kirkwood$359,000218 Clay Ave Seller
6/9/14Warson Woods$355,000515 Flanders Dr Buyer
11/29/99Richmond Heights$351,00028 Thorndell  Buyer
5/21/14University City$350,4005 Westridge Ct Buyer
2/20/01Richmond Heights$350,0008 Laymont  Buyer
7/31/02Ladue$349,00014 NARRAGANSETT Dr Seller
2/28/11Sunset Hills$348,0009349 Manoroak Dr Seller
3/15/02Olivette$345,00020 ENFIELD  Seller
7/8/99University City$340,0006802 Waterman  Seller
3/28/12Brentwood$340,00011 Whitehall Ct Seller
3/26/04University City$335,0007834 GANNON Ave Seller
12/18/02St Louis$330,0006235 WASHINGTON Ave Seller
11/25/03Town and Country$330,00013200 THORNHILL Dr Seller
3/15/06Warson Woods$325,0001635 Dearborn Dr Buyer
10/27/06Ladue$320,000416 Tanglewood Dr Seller
5/28/09Ladue$320,0007 Midpark Lane Seller
2/28/14Ladue$314,11510140 Conway Rd Seller
3/19/15Brentwood$309,5008129 Florence Ave Seller
11/5/10Glendale$308,000954 Nancy Carol Lane Buyer
2/13/04University City$305,000515 BEMISTON Ave Seller
4/16/99University City$305,000533 Warder  Buyer
1/9/08Chesterfield$295,000173 Marcrest Dr Seller
11/1/02Ladue$290,0006 LADUE CREST Lane Seller
5/21/12Glendale$290,000954 Nancy Carol Lane Seller
5/6/10University City$282,0007109 Delmar Blvd Seller
1/5/04Ladue$275,0008505 COLONIAL Lane Seller
6/8/07Frontenac$265,00010447 Garibaldi  Seller
5/22/09Ladue$265,00014 Waverton Dr Buyer
5/11/05Glendale$260,0001380 Beverly Ave Seller
5/27/11Wildwood$260,000441 Saint Thomas Isle Lane Seller
8/15/03Ladue$255,5008598 COLONIAL Lane Seller
5/26/00University City$249,9008709 Kingsbury  Buyer
7/10/12University City$247,500815 Oakbrook Lane Seller
6/16/00Glendale$245,00042 FLOWER HILL Ct Buyer
11/19/14University City$243,0007520 Gannon Ave Seller
5/10/13Manchester$232,500820 Posthorn Dr Seller
4/18/13Brentwood$230,0008746 White Ave Buyer
1/13/14St Louis$225,0001012 Port Diane Dr Seller
10/2/02St Louis$220,0006455 WESTWAY Rd Seller
7/28/14Brentwood$212,5009012 Bridgeport Ave Seller
5/7/10Brentwood$209,9009012 Bridgeport Ave Buyer
4/24/06Brentwood$203,0002836 Manderly Dr Seller
9/7/12Creve Coeur$195,000719 Fairways Cir Buyer
7/20/05Brentwood$195,0002824 Manderly Dr Both
8/15/05Brentwood$194,0002841 Lawndell Dr Seller
9/16/05Webster Groves$192,00014 Holly Dr Seller
1/13/06St Louis$191,9002633 Melvin Ave Buyer
10/22/10St Louis$185,0006225 Columbia Ave Buyer
7/26/13St Louis$182,0006645 Lindenwood Place Buyer
7/22/04Frontenac$182,00010333 Arthur  Both
8/29/02University City$175,0008700 KINGSBURY Ave Buyer
9/10/04Richmond Heights$172,0007221 El Moro Ave Seller
1/30/14Kirkwood$161,000222 Timbercrest Rd Seller
6/5/08Wildwood$160,000730 Forby Rd Seller
6/27/06Brentwood$147,0002913 Hilldale Ave Seller
4/28/00Frontenac$130,00010461 Savannah  Seller
10/4/02Olivette$124,5009323 KENNETH  Buyer
Selling DateCitySelling PriceAddressClient
4/26/11Clayton$1,074,725155 Carondelet Plaza  503Buyer
9/26/14Clayton$850,00015 Topton Way  2BSeller
6/8/12Chesterfield$840,000829 Stonebluff Ct Both
4/1/04Clayton$835,00015 TOPTON Way 1DSeller
10/3/06St Louis$825,000312 Brentwood Blvd 3Seller
6/16/06St Louis$785,00030 Brighton Way 2SBuyer
1/5/07St Louis$775,00015 Topton Way 2BBuyer
6/16/03Clayton$750,000312 Brentwood Blvd 3Buyer
2/10/06University City$737,5007393 Pershing Ave BSeller
10/23/13St Louis$730,00030 Brighton Way  3NBuyer
4/11/13Creve Coeur$725,000330 Carlyle Lake  Dr Buyer
5/28/10Chesterfield$700,000512 Upper Conway Cir Buyer
7/17/03Clayton$655,000816 HANLEY Rd 15DSeller
6/1/15Creve Coeur$649,00012 Woodbridge Manor  Seller
2/17/12Creve Coeur$565,00012 Woodbridge Manor Rd Buyer
12/20/12Clayton$532,00045 Brighton Way  Seller
12/18/15Creve Coeur$530,000238 Carlyle Lake Dr Seller
3/1/06Clayton$524,000130 Central Ave BSeller
3/30/02Clayton$507,000816 HANLEY  9CSeller
1/9/14Crystal Lake Park$505,0002252 Croydon Walk  Buyer
5/20/15Chesterfield$480,00014232 Woods Mill Cove  Buyer
10/12/00Clayton$475,000130 Central B  Buyer
11/19/09Clayton$475,000139 Central Ave DSeller
9/16/14University City$467,500540 North and South Rd 102Seller
1/3/07St Louis$465,000750 Hanley Rd 350Buyer
4/23/15St Albans$462,000791 Bordeaux Cir Seller
12/10/13University City$450,000500 North and South  304Seller
9/9/15Clayton$430,0007518 Parkdale Ave 203Seller
10/15/03Clayton$415,000200 BRENTWOOD Blvd 4DSeller
5/16/11Clayton$410,0007518 Parkdale Ave 201Seller
3/22/11Clayton$400,0007518 Parkdale Ave 203Buyer
10/6/06University City$390,0007385 Pershing  1Buyer
4/28/14Clayton$358,750750 Hanley Rd 350Seller
11/6/06Chesterfield$300,00014304 Quiet Meadow Ct Seller
9/26/05Clayton$265,0007539 Oxford Dr 1eBuyer
11/8/02Clayton$257,000200 BRENTWOOD Blvd 4DBoth
6/28/05Clayton$218,000200 Brentwood Blvd 15BSeller
6/6/06Clayton$218,0007557 Byron  2EBuyer
4/3/06Clayton$185,0007561 Oxford Dr 3SSeller
10/25/11Clayton$179,000250 Brentwood Blvd 1ASeller
3/7/13Chesterfield$175,00014316 Conway Meadows Ct 205Seller
5/30/07Chesterfield$172,00014308 Conway Meadows Ct 306Seller
4/16/10Brentwood$166,5001717 Blue Jay Cove  Seller
12/22/05Brentwood$149,0001723 Canary Cove  Seller
6/23/10Brentwood$138,0008851 Flamingo Ct Buyer
11/12/13St Louis$123,0004347 Colony Gardens Dr Seller
6/28/13Brentwood$106,5001659 Swan Cir Buyer