Martin Lammert

Clayton Road
9889 Clayton Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63124

I was born and raised here in the great city of St. Louis.  St. Louis’ rich history is matched by its unusually large amount of exquisite homes and properties.  The attributes of our community are tremendous.  Having worked my entire career here I am keenly aware of all aspects of this rich and beautiful place to live.  My knowledge and networking skills will come through clearly when you put me to work for you.

I apply my well connected background and knowledge of this city in a way that will make your experience in buying or selling a home profitable and efficient.  And when we are done, you will have had a great experience working with me.  I know how to help people with these important transitions in their lives having been in professional services for over three decades.

I have a reputation of working closely and hard for my clients.  I do not drop the ball.  You will appreciate my work ethic.

I have a major in Architectural Studies from Connecticut College where I completed my thesis.  I also have a degree in Art History.  My strong experience running Lammerts Furniture has enhanced my work as a unique real estate agent.  Real estate has been a natural fit and I can apply my knowledge in home design and furniture in a way few others can.

Janet McAfee is a brokerage house that has capabilities other real estate companies do not have and this allows me to do the very best job for my many clients.  It is the top professional environment for home real estate sales in St. Louis.  I am fortunate to be part of this distinguished group.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.  Please give me a call!