Clarkson Valley is a community for those who are committed to green space. By city zoning ordinance, homes sit on properties of at least 1 acre. Homebuyers from across St. Louis County seek out this suburban municipality, directly south of Chesterfield, in order to take advantage of West County's picturesque setting. Residents are drawn to abundant green spaces and facilities, such as Forest Hills Country Club, which are made for the enjoyment of Clarkson Valley's natural beauty.

Clarkson Valley was established as a village in 1950 and became a fourth-class city in 1986, making it a relatively young city. With the city's quality of newness comes a fresh and unique approach to city government. Residents live by the motto "less government is good government" and this ideology helps to promote individual engagement in lieu of bureaucracy. The city government ensures that citizens receive police protection, trash collection, and fair zoning laws. All other public services are provided by each of the 13 individual subdivisions. This allows citizens to get involved more easily in local government. Meetings of trustees, who oversee subdivision policies, provide open forums and "town hall" style discussions. In Clarkson Valley, homeowners are able to become citizens who are actively engaged in local affairs. This level of civic engagement reinforces residents' belief that they are part of a unique and caring community.

In 2016, Clarkson Valley homes sold for a median price of $607,450. In 2011, homes in the municipality sold for a median price of $490,000. There is an astonishing difference between these two median prices; home values within the city have risen nearly 24% in the last 5 years. Clearly, this young city is becoming a popular and prestigious destination. St. Louis County residents are eager to buy into Clarkson Valley, a serene residential community grounded in civic engagement and a love of open space. Those who live in the municipality enjoy quiet lanes, expansive lawns, and subdivisions that are well-maintained by their respective boards of trustees. Homes in Clarkson Valley are often set back from the street and surrounded by trees and other greenery in order to give homeowners privacy, quiet, and a pastoral setting. Clarkson Valley homeowners seek to make their properties as beautiful as the picturesque homes that sit upon them. These homes are often built upward in order to obtain a bird's eye view of the landscape around them. They often consist of stately brick and compliment the surrounding landscape.

Clarkson Valley's crown jewel is Forest Hills Country Club, renowned for providing the premier country club experience in West St. Louis County. While club membership carries an unmistakable prestige, Forest Hills positions itself as "The Family Club of Choice" not only because it offers activities for family members of all ages but also because of its welcoming, collegial atmosphere. Clarkson Valley is only a short distance away from the retail center of Chesterfield. An easy, 4-mile drive north gives residents access to Chesterfield Mall. This shopping center houses large department stores, local boutiques, and restaurants that offer unique dining experiences.

Parents living in Clarkson Valley can rest assured knowing that they have access to exemplary schools. Students in Clarkson Valley are served by the Rockwood School District. Rockwood's Marquette High School is regularly recognized as a U.S. News and World report top High School.

Community Listings

Average List Price: $727,225
Average Days on Market: 27