Webster Groves is a welcoming community located just south of Brentwood and only three miles west of St. Louis' city limits. This charming city is home to quiet, shady streets and neighborhoods celebrated for their historic significance. Webster Groves' scenic neighborhoods, beautiful frame homes, and warm residents make up an ideal community. Webster University's award-winning conservatory for the theater arts attracts events that bring culture and excitement to this suburban municipality.

The area now southwest of St. Louis' city limits was known as the Dry Ridge and was a major hub of fur trading until 1802, when the Spanish government began granting land to settlers moving west. Gregorie Sarpy purchased the acreage on which Webster Groves now stands. In the late 1800s, St. Louisans moved to the suburbs to escape the congested and unhealthy conditions downtown. Then named Webster Park, the community was marketed as the "Queen of the Suburbs" to those seeking a luxury lifestyle just outside of the city limits. A stop on the burgeoning Pacific Railroad allowed the municipality to grow and thrive. Webster Groves is now more inclusive than the aforementioned Webster Park; it is a welcoming community with residents ranging from young families to older retirees. Registered historic districts preserve the character and luxury lifestyle that first blossomed alongside the Pacific Railroad line.

While Webster Groves subdivisions such as New Helfenstein Park and McDonald Trails include mansions and sprawling estates with prices over $1 million, Webster Groves homes sold for a median price of $282,500 in 2016. A home in this picturesque community is available in any price range. This has made Webster Groves a popular destination for homebuyers. As a result, the local housing market is flourishing. There has been a median price increase of over 34% in the last five years, when compared with the 2011 median of $210,000. While the community became a destination suburb due to the Pacific Railroad, it continues to thrive due to its access to major thoroughfares that make commutes to downtown industry quick and efficient. Whether new homeowners are seeking to purchase stately mansions or cozy and traditional frame homes, they are drawn to this idyllic municipality due to its comforting environment, quiet lanes, and convenient location within St. Louis County.

Webster Groves acts as a hub for St. Louis' artistic community. Every summer, the Opera Theatre of St. Louis attracts lovers of music and culture to Webster University's Loretto-Hilton Center for the Performing Arts. The center also houses the award-winning Reparatory Theatre of St. Louis. "The Rep", as it's known by both frequent visitors and casual fans, brings a variety of plays and performances that are otherwise unavailable in the St. Louis region. The Opera Theatre and The Rep provide a foundation for Webster Groves' thriving arts scene. While these events often attract visitors from outside of the municipality, there are many events in the city that celebrate Webster Groves residents and their beautiful neighborhoods. Webster Groves' Community Days offer Independence Day celebrations such as carnival rides, a parade, and a fabulous fireworks display. Throughout the year, Webster Groves residents can be found gathering at the large and diverse Farmers Market or at any of the city's 19 parks, totaling 120 acres of parkland.

Parents can rest assured that their students will receive a quality education from the Webster Groves School District. Webster Groves High School has frequently been listed by U.S. News & World Report as one of the state's best. Private schooling options are provided by The College School and The Waldorf School of St. Louis, both located within Webster Groves' city limits. Both schools offer small class sizes, hands-on learning, and supportive educational communities. Webster Groves also acts as a hub of higher education. Webster University is a nationally-ranked research university and Eden Theological Seminary offers first-rate divinity studies.

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